Where to go on date night in Florida

Romantic dinner for two in Florida

Miami has a bad reputation as a town where people only hook up, never really dating or getting into a serious relationship. But the truth is that there are tons of wonderful, eligible singles both in Miami and throughout Florida. You just have to know where to look. (Right here!)

When date night rolls around, where should you go? Here are our top picks for the three most romantic restaurants in Florida.

Piccolo Ristorante (Fort Lauderdale)

Piccolo is probably the best Italian restaurant in Florida, and that’s saying something. From the welcoming service to the warm ambience and the delicious food, Piccolo is a perfect place for a romantic dinner for two.

Truluck’s (Brickell)

There are a lot of amazing seafood restaurants in Florida, to say the least. Truluck’s distinguishes itself with an elegant, upscale atmosphere, outstanding service, and some really amazing desserts. (Try the carrot cake!)

Catharsis Restaurant & Lounge (Little Havana)

This restaurant features an upscale, modern take on top notch Latin American classics. Catharsis is hip and fun, with live music some nights, a great selection of cocktails, and excellent service. 

Image courtesy Flickr/Kim Seng